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Love Stories and Tournaments of Lies



From Google translator:

Sherlock it is threatened Moriarty If you mount a terrorist bomb If you do not want on the street say , going to ask Molly . Even while resistance is not the true feelings of their own , Molly will continue to be aware of any person , no matter how important for me is this . As good as the trap of Reichenbach , and those cruel thorough plan of Moriarty , which is revealed in the end , I for the life of me , ” Sherlock says to Molly before facing the final showdown with Moriarty when you find the true meaning of the word ” believe , horror is ran .

I think because there are a lot of depictions of adult -only , picky would split . I myself , were often I think I do not want to read such a thing . So do not tension link , but plot was revisited at the origin of the drama originally called confrontation with Moriarty and Sherlock are made very well.

Thank you. :)

On “Love Stories”

Kendrapendragon asked me if I was happy/glad or sad that it’s over.


I’m sad because that story was my baby. It’s the longest fanfic I’ve ever written. And now that journey is over.

Glad because it was so long and there were times I really struggled to get past my writer’s block and get back on track. And I don’t like having long WIPs. But mostly I’m proud that I did finish it, lots of writers never finish their fics. Especially not ones that long.

So now I plan to take a break, other than an occasional oneshot. Then I will finish “Through a Fairytale, Darkly.” That one is basically all plotted. It has about 15-20 chapters left. Another novel length fic once it’s completed!

I don’t know exactly what gave me the idea for “Love Stories.” But the thought of Moriarty being alive and playing a “dark, twisted cupid,” as one reviewer once said, was too good to resist.  So I started thinking about why he’d do that, and how he’d go about it, and what the outcome would be. Then I was off and running.

At the risk of sounding conceited, I love my Moriarty. I don’t know how I write him so easily, but I do. And lots of other people apparently liked my portrayal of him too, and that’s one of the best compliments a fanfic writer can get, is being told how good you nail a character.

That, and being called Moffat. That really made my day too.

I said it in the A/N, but is bears repeating. Thank you. Every one of you who read, followed, favorited, reviewed, told a friend, or left a comment on here about it. A storyteller is nothing without an audience. I’m glad I had such a fantastic audience for that story.

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